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Complete Godly Geared Bowazon (Softcore)

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Multiple Shot Damage: 12.000+ (at lvl80+ with Concentration from Merc + Lifted Spirit Aura) 

155% increased attack speed

Estimated HR value: 180


Complete Gear Overview

6os Windforce with 4 x Ohm Runes + 2 x 40ed/15ias Jewels

3os Vampire Gaze 8/8/19 with 3 x 36ed/15ias Jewels

Dusk Shroud Fortitude (15%ed, 30 All Res)

30ias Laying of Hands Gloves

+1 Cats Eye Amulet

+16% Frw Wisp Projector Ring

+10% Frw Raven Frost Ring

Razortail Belt 41% Piercing Attack

War Traveler Battle Boots 50% MF

Rare Arrows with 0.625 max dmg/level, 10%ias, +1 bow skills, +2% life stolen

Amazon Torch 3/18/20

Annihilius 17/20/10

9x Grand Charms with 9+max dmg/50+ Attack Rating/30+ Life

5x Small Charms with 3max dmg/xx Attack Rating/20 Life

2x Small Charms with 3max dmg/xx Attack Rating/19 Life

2x Small Charms with 3max dmg/xx Attack Rating/18 Life

1x Small Charms with 3max dmg/xx Attack Rating/16 Life


Mercenary Gear Setup

Pride Eth Thresher

4os Shaftstop with 3 x ias + res Jewels and 1 x Um

2os Steel Shade with 1 x Cham and 1 x ias/melee splash Jewel

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